Hi, We’re D101V πŸ‘‹

Kuzuzangpola, we're a Bhutanese Software Development Arm from Royal University of Bhutan πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ή with over 10 years of joint web experience. We are currently working with Flutter, NextJS, Remix & Ethereum.

Featured Clients (3)

Collaro [Shopify E-Commerce]

Remix (Hydrogen Shopify) β€’ Contentful β€’ Firebase

Gedu College of Business

ReactJS (NextJS) β€’ TypeScript


Horus [Real World Asset Tokenisation]

ReactJS (NextJS) β€’ TypeScript β€’ Ethereum β€’ Linea


Get in touch

Email us at swe.cst@rub.edu.bt swe.cst@rub.edu.bt link